DELTA Authorized Retailer
Verification Page


This confirms that is an authorized retailer of products manufactured by DELTA Machinery. By displaying the DELTA authorized online partner symbol, this website upholds the same symbol of quality that goes into every DELTA product including:

1. Abundant DELTA tool and accessory selection and product depth.
2. Minimal to no DELTA product out-of-stock at any time.
3. 99% website uptime with functionality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
4. Prominently displayed and compliance to a privacy policy at least as stringent as the privacy policy on
5. Website functionality must minimally include a secure server and transaction system.
6. The use of the most current high-resolution DELTA graphics and text information possible.
7. This site caters to the professional woodworker synonymously with DELTA's target market.
8. Related and associated accessories are linked to the associated DELTA tools within the site. Proper graphics, content, and description of the related/associated accessory are necessary as well.
9. Adequate page load times for successful user interaction.
10. A visually appealing site that's look and feel in relation to promotion and enhancement caters to the DELTA image and good will.
11. Customer Service contact information is prominently displayed.
12. Shipping will ensure delivery of every DELTA product purchased from this website within no more than (7) days if the product is in stock.